Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work

WA# MA00023075

About Me

I began my training and education in bodywork in 2001. Since, I have studied many modalities of bodywork and healing (including Swedish, Esalen, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, and Intraoral Massage) with my specialty and primary modality being Craniosacral Therapy.

I have worked with people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and health. I have great interest in working with people release chronic or acute tension or trauma patterns in their bodies and nervous systems. 

I believe that the way we embody and experience our selves in our bodies has a deep connection to how we live and engage in life.  I am honored to work with people to explore and nourish this connection.

In the many years I have known and worked with Carla, I have always been touched by her presence, sensitivity and caring. In my many years of teaching, and meeting thousands of people of the highest caliber from all over the world, Carla is one of the rarest of individuals. She has impacted me with her remarkable clarity, voice, and integrity.”
— Hugh Milne, The Milne Institute, Inc.