Intraoral Therapy

IntraOral Therapy is a hands-on way to access, release and balance muskuloskeletal and structural issues of the jaw, hyoid muscles, the tongue, the TMJ, and the suboccipital muscles, by working inside the mouth.

The interior of the mouth contains muscles and joints which can affect the tension or ease of whole body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. One’s back may hurt, but the restriction of the TMJ may be a key contributing factor. Similarly, some headaches may originate from imbalance within the oral cavity.


During the session, one time use, nitrile (non-latex) gloves are worn to palpate inside the client's mouth feeling for various bony and soft tissue restrictions. Gentle to firm pressure is applied to encourage release of muscles and tissues. Intraoral work can be incorporated into a longer session or can be a stand alone hour session.


Benefits from Intraoral Therapy are pain and tightness in face, head, jaw, neck or behind eyes are usually decreased, and range of motion and tracking of the jaw increased. Dizziness, vertigo, ringing in ears, sinus and ear congestion can decrease. And quite oftenpain and stiffness in other areas of the body may seem to soften and release with no actual contact/massage on that specific area.