Sessions & Pricing

Package discounts available below.

1 Hour Session* – $78

90 Minute Session* – $110

45 minute Pediatric Session – $65


I accept cash, check or credit at the time of service. I also accept Microsoft HSA cards. You can also use paypal to pay for your session or to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one.

Package Discounts

3x 1-Hour Sessions - Save $24 - $210

3x 90-Minute Sessions - Save $30 - $300

3x 45-Minute Pediatric Sessions - Save $20 - $175

You must use packs of 3 sessions within 3 months.


Private Health Insurance: I am an Out-of-network provider with all Private Health Insurances. I do provide itemized receipts if you would like to submit to your insurance directly. Your reimbursement will depend on your personal coverage for Out-of-network Providers.

Medical Massage or Craniosacral is billed to PIP(Personal injury Protection after Auto Accidents) and LNI(Labor and Industries) at the rate of $25/unit. One unit is 15 minutes.